Tatsumi Kanyo Hotel


Akita Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative Broker’s Inn

As the 18th inn of the fishermen’s cooperative of the Southern Branch Office of Akita Prefecture, Tatumi is particular about local and Zogata fishing port. We can offer freshly caught foodstuffs on the same day.
The chef personally bids for at auction an abundance of fresh fish from the Sea of Japan, which is the pride of “Tatsumi” and will delight the taste buds of fish lovers.

[Please feel free to let me know when you make a reservation]
Children’s meals (e.g. children’s lunch) are available upon request.
For the older guests, we can prepare easy to eat dishes upon request.
Depending on your health status, a low-salt and low-fat diet can also be prepared.
If you have any other requests, please let us know in advance when you make your reservation.

The particular cuisine of Kisakata Port

Kisakata Fishing Port is located 5~60km off the Kisakata in the Sea of Japan, where the warm currents of the Tsushima Current and the cold currents of the Liman Current intersect, making it a good fishing ground.
As a result, both warm-water fish and non-current born fish can be caught here, and the fish species are abundant. The riverbed runoff water and melt water are rich in minerals and phytoplankton providing a nutritional conductor making the fish and shellfish even more delicious.
Small trawlers mainly leave early in the morning around 2 to 3 am, returning to port at 3 to 4 pm that day, with “Yuuseri” (evening auction) beginning immediately at 5 pm.
The ingredients that are auctioned off at that time become the contents of the evening meals.
Four seasons, each with seasonal fish and excellent freshness are the reasons for the delicious dishes.

December-February Botan shrimp, snow crab, anchovy, winter cod, winter flatfish, squid, tiger puffer, and spiny dogfish
March-May Nodoguro, masu salmon, sea bream, hinoki flounder, sea bream and giant Pacific octopus
June-August Summer natural rock oysters, abalone, turban shells, masoi, rockfish, tonguefish, horse mackerel
September-November Autumn salmon, sandfish, zuwai crab, pointhead flounder sweet shrimp, iso octopus, red stingray

Seasonal dishes

Winter only

Anko Nabe

The winter anglerfish are so delicious after they have finished spawning there is a saying “Lick it even if it’s a picture of a winter anglerifsh”. After the fish is cut into pieces and processed, it is eaten without any waste, which is called “seven tools of the angler”. Kimo” is called the “foie gras of the sea” and it is so rich and delicious.

The flesh of the anglerfish is refreshing with little or no fat and is rich in collagen. The “Kimo” is rich in minerals, making it a delicious fish for both health and beauty.

Summer only

Natural Rock Oysters

Unlike the cultivated “Magaki” that are distributed in the winter, Iwagaki oysters (rock oysters) are natural oysters that are landed in the summer. In Japan, rock oysters are landed in summer and are mainly found in Kisakata, Akita Prefecture and the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa. As they are natural, the fishing season is short, and the amount of oysters caught is limited to 80 to 200 per day per fisherman. Oysters from Kisakata are about 5-7 years old, and their shell height is about 15cm. They grow up in the subsoil where subterranean water meets the sea.

Rock oysters are caught by the sea from June to August.
Best served cold, freshly peeled oysters with a splash of lemon juice. Depending on the cooking method, you can enjoy oysters baked in a salted cauldron, baked in wine, steamed, pickled, salted, oyster tofu, pickled oyster kimuchi, oyster ahijos, or even fried oysters as you have come to know and love them.

Spring / Autumn only

Snow crab

The same species of snow crab as Echizen crab. They are very expensive in Sekisui, but are hidden in the port of Kisakata, Akita. The crab is caught by small trawl fishermen who go out at 3am and come back in the morning, with the freshest crab being the best.

Boil the wild snow crab in fresh water and boil it in a cauldron with natural salt. The crab is cooked fresh and hot. You can also enjoy Crab Suki Hotpot and Crab Chili Hotpot at a discount.