Akita Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative Broker's Inn

A place with a superb view of the Sea of Japan



Visitors can enjoy Ezogata Onsen and Komeiseki Onsen
Heals the body and heals the mind. Hot spring inn

The magnificent Mt. Chokai, also known as Akita Fuji, selected as one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan, and the Sea of Japan.
The four seasons of Akita, which are rich in nature, spread out in front of you
Visitors can enjoy the beautiful nature of Akita with all five senses at Tatsumi Kanyo Hotel.

About Tatsumi

Information on Tatsumiinformation

We will provide hospitality and service to satisfy our customers.

"Tatsumi" is an inn
that boasts cuisine.

Tatsumi is particular about the local elephant mixed fishing port as the 18th inn of the Akita Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative Southern General Branch.

Based on many years of experience, please enjoy the dishes that "Tatsumi" is proud of, using plenty of freshly caught local fish that was auctioned off at Taseri, and with the tongue of fish lovers in mind.

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Tatsumi Kanyo Hotel
Natural elephant lagoon
hot spring and
Komei stone hot spring

You can use two types of hot springs, a stone bath (Elephant lagoon hot spring) and an ancient bath (Komei stone hot spring).

Relax in the warm hot springs to heal the tiredness of travel and work.

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Information in the hall

We, Tatsumi Planning Group, manufacture and sell tourist and business stays, public baths with natural hot springs, restaurants, and souvenirs.

Please use it according to your needs.

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Tatsumi's commitmentpride

1.Seafood caught off the coast of Kisakata Port

The meltwater of Mt. Chokai springs up from the seabed of the Sea of
We carefully select fresh seafood caught locally and offer it with great care.

2.Recommended for businessmen

A 5-minute walk from Kisakata Station! Good transportation, perfect for a work stay.
We are fully equipped with business services such as wireless Wi-Fi, fax, and copier, so we will firmly support you as you work.
You can power charge your tired body with hot springs and meals!

3.Two kinds of hot springs to enjoy

Visitors are the stone bath at Ezogata Onsen and the ancient bath at Komeiseki Onsen. You can enjoy two types of hot springs with different spring qualities.
The elephant lagoon hot spring is a smooth and moist skin, and the Komeiseki hot spring is an artificial hot spring whose main body is natural ore.